In 1981 we bought our first Shar-pei female "Shima Lotus Le Perdreu" breed by mrs Tini Lassing de Haas , who import the first Shar-pei's into the Netherlands .

Shima was a very sweet , smart and healthy Shar-pei .
She was one of the "old type" Shar-pei .
Her first litter were born in 1983 , our joy was big to breed our "first" litter of Shar-pei's !
Shima gaved us 5 healthy litters in her life also her offspring had her same sweet , smart character and health .

Also Shima made us very proud when she became a "Dutch Champion" in 1985 ! She was 1 of the first Dutch Champion Shar-pei's in Holland .
On the age of 11 she did her last "veterane" show on the Dutch Shar-pei Champ clubmatch and became "Best Veterane Female" from this show.

In 1995 Shima got a honourable mention in the American Shar-pei magazine "The Barker" as one of the "oldest living" Shar-pei's in the world ,  ofcourse we were very proud with this announcement !
Onfortunate Shima died the next year at the age of 13 years , this was for us and other friends a big shock !
We know she had a happy and healthy life but still ....... she will be missed and never forgotten in our minds ....




Kamp  Shima Lotus Le Perdreau