Hereby we like to introduce ourselves .
Our names are Bas and Greet Martens .
We came involved with the Shar-pei in 1983 since then we own , breed and show
this wonderful breed.
In this past years a lot have improved in the Shar-pei like health and standard which is very good !
In the beginning there was not much to read about the Shar-pei , luckely these days there is
a lot more to "read" and to "learn" about the Shar-pei , thanks to the "internet" !
In 1983 there were only about 10 shar-pei breeders all over Europe .

Every 2 years we get a new male out of good bloodlines to keep improve our breeding stock .
All our males will be x-rayed and get a physical examination which will be done by our vet Shar-pei specialist 
Dr Roest from Leiderdorp ,
he's our vet since 1983 .

All our puppies will be sold with a certified Dutch kennelclub pedigree and microchip , health certificate , vaccinations book , feedinglist and a sales guarantee /agreement according
the puppies "possible hiding" hereditary health faults .

If you have more questions about this , please feel free to call ;

(0031)(0)715802209              or   

Friendly regards

Bas en Greet Martens .